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The Mechanic

Name:The Mechanic
Description: Dirty
Favourite part of job: Oiling his nuts
Favourite Food: Chewing Gum

Steve Pemberton
The Mechanic is a very friendly person. In fact he has been a little over-friendly with a few of the female residents of Royston Vasey. They are getting their requests in for an all-over service behind the garage.

His first customer was none other than Iris Krell. He gave her a wolf-whistle one day as she was heading for Mrs L's house. She thought all her birthdays had come at once. Ron was her true love but she had always fancied herself as a bit of a Shirley Valentine and this way Greece was just around the corner. Mrs L was away in Antigua and she wouldn't notice a few mucky handprints on her M&S duvet, would she? However he was a bit on the small side compared to Ron so Iris passed his details on to her 16 year old daughter who she thought could do with a husband. She said to her "Leave home now while you still know it all!"

His next customers were Stella and Tony who were looking for someone to make up a threesome for a small party they were holding without Charlie. He was a massive hit with Stella so either size dosen't matter or she has'nt been used to much!

His next 'customer' will shock the living daylights out of you. It was none other than Olive KIilshaw who was doing a little research on what makes the perfect partner. This you must realise was for the good of the dating agency and nothing to do with her own personal satisfaction. After all she is happily married or so we are lead to believe.

It's hard being a mechanic!!!

Profile by 'Saucy Sal'

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The Mechanic Quotes
  • "Yeah, a Festa wiv' it's engine f**ked!"

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