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Cathy Carter-Smith

Name:Cathy Carter-Smith
Job Title: Restart Officer
Likes: Computers, chips
Hates: Pens, the unemployed

Reece Shearsmith
CC Smith has been Paulines arch nemesis since replacing her as restart officer at the Job centre. Cathy's progressive 'no pens' attitude rubs Pauline up the wrong way, which being a lesbian phsycopath, is a skill she'd be well versed in!

Not known for her smiley attitude she buries her deep depressive nature in food and is getting fat because of it.

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Cathy Carter-Smith Quotes
  • "I know you lot have got nothing to live for, but I do."
  • "A computer is like a big electronic brain, full of lots of different chips. No, not the ones you lot have for your tea every single night!"
  • "They told me you were hard, I cant believe you're such a push over!"
  • "Sit down Monkey Man!"

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