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Chris Frost

Name:Chris Frost
Total Shoplifters Caught: 118
Philsophy: If you don't wanna get caught you'd better not let me see it!
Proudest Moment: Apprehending own mother for trying to steal a carton containing 100 cotton buds

Reece Shearsmith
Hired as the security guard in the local supermarket Chris has a vendetta against the criminals that stalk the aisles. But then again, Chris is in the ideal position to be able to commit those crimes himself and never get caught!

"CCTV, mirrors, marked notes, security tags they're all tools of the trade and don't be fooled by their sympatheic exterior, be very wary of people in wheelchairs or babies in prams, yes keep an even closer eye on them. Only the other day I caught a 6 month old infant trying to conceal a box of rusks under his blanket, needless to say he met his match that day and I was able to inform the authorities before any more damage was done, Chalk it up!"

... where would i conceal it?
Be very wary of prams
Be very wary of wheelchairs
Why is this thus
Being a store detective ...

Chris Frost Quotes
  • "Chalk it up!"

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