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Vinnie Wythenshawe

Name:Vinnie Wythenshawe
Past Career: Bouncer for Mothercare
Criminal Record: Stayin' Alive by The Bee Gees
Talents: Ironing "The Bags" from the Charity Shop, Spotting special marks on soft toys, bitching about Merill

Reece Shearsmith
Although it's hard to believe Vinnie was quite a little tomboy as a child. She had 5 older brothers as did her father and his father before him. Some would say she was a right little devil at times.

She was the first person ever to be expelled from Royston Vasey Infants at the age of 6 for being 'rude' to her teachers. She was very miserable when they decided she could go back.

By the age of 12 she was a hooker - her brother had mumps and she took his place in the local Rugby League team. This was the happiest she had ever been, running up the field knocking down anyone who got in her way. Of course they explained to her that she must have the ball before doing this but ever the anarchist she didn't listen hence her transfer to the spectators stand.

She was 19 when her next chance of happiness came - her brother taught her how to drive and she loved it, even passing her test first time. However she had the licence revoked 2 days later for overtaking a police car at 84mph whilst they were on an emergency chase across Royston Vasey. This lead to her losing all her confidence and she sank into a deep depression made worse by her brothers all moving away leaving her to care for their elderly parents who were hypochondriacs. When they died in their 90's Vinnie was past her prime and destined to be lonely.

Then she met Renee at the local bingo hall and thought she looked like a miserable old cow. They got on really well together becoming good friends. Whether they should have applied to the same charity shop for jobs working side by side is another story.

Profile by 'Saucy Sal'

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Vinnie Wythenshawe Quotes
  • "Do you want a bag for that dear?"
  • "It makes me sick! She'll put a bag in the bag but she won't put the bag in the book!"
  • "That Merill!"

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