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Pamela Doove

Name:Pamela Doove
Age: Young
Occupation: Actor (Part-time - doesn't get a lot of work!)
Successful acts: Mime and working for the underwater Shakespeare company

Reece Shearsmith
Saying "Break a leg" or any other kind of threat won't help I'm afraid. Pam Doove has a unique acting style made her own by what's known in the industry as stage fright. This means that whenever she puts on a performance her lines and acting persona closely resemble that of
a dimented baboon with banana skins stuck in it's teeth.

A harsh but fair review I think!

Owange jooz - Part 1
Owange jooz - Part 2
Owange jooz - Part 3
Owange jooz - Part 4

Pamela Doove Quotes
  • "Scude me, does any-body have any bottle owange-jooz?"

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