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Edward Tattsyrup

Name:Edward Tattsyrup
Weapon of Choice: The Crossbow
Likes: Tubbs
Dislikes: Non Locals, New roads

Reece Shearsmith
Edward is the propretor of the local shop and the husband and brother of Tubbs, if the people who enter into his local shop arnt local they will be tortured before finally being burned or killed.

He has led Tubbs astray, with being local. Also looking for a bride for David which turns out to be Barbara! Which he describes as being "a good figure, a voice like an angel and local".

Profile by 'Little Higgy'


Edward Tattsyrup Quotes
  • "Hello, hello, what's all this shouting? We'll have no trouble here!"
  • "I suppose next you'll be spraying me with one of those cans of paint. Covering Tubbs here with excrement!"
  • "You heard the man Tubbs, get undressed."
  • "Poofter eh?"

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