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Tubbs Tattsyrup

Name:Tubbs Tattsyrup
Age: Twelfty
Favourite food: Worms
Favourite Drink: I can I can't

Steve Pemberton
Generations of inbreeding have done more than make Tubb's insides all wrong, she is a positively disturbing character. Deep down, however, she has a good heart, only her niavety has allowed her to be led astray by her psychotic brother and spouse, Edward.

It's true Tubbs couldn't have children though we know she had David, so possibley her insides weren't always wrong (although I find that hard to believe!), or they adpoted. Another of Royston Vasey's many mysteries.

I can, I can't!

Tubbs Tattsyrup Quotes
  • "I can, I can't?"
  • "Yes? Can I help you at all?"
  • "Tell him my insides are all wrong!"

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