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Barbara Dixon

Name:Barbara Dixon
Favourite Song: You'll be a woman soon - Dusty Springfield
Favourite Film: Pretty Woman
Occupation: Cab Driver

Barbara is the darling of Royston Vasey but cursed to live as a woman trapped inside a very hairy man's body. When the day of his/her op. finally came, the day he/she could say she was a real woman, it turned out to be a disaster. (It didn't help that Dr. Chinnery performed the operation.) Now he/she/it straddles the gender limbo wondering whether he/she/it will ever find the right partner now that her outsides have turned into her insides.

In fact series 2 brings a little good fortune Barbara's way as fate brings her to the Local Shop where she finds her soulmate David Tattsyrup. David seems as much confused about his species as Barbara is about her gender, and so they make the perfect couple. Although david does unfortunately pass away in a tragic firey incident Series 3 sees Barabara blessed with yet another miracle.

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Barbara Dixon Quotes
  • "I've only been on the hormones 18 months. My nipples are like bullets!"
  • "Who'd want to bond with me? I'm neither nowt nor summit."
  • "One little prick and it will all be over, then they cut my cock off!"
  • "Don't talk to me about doctors, I ordered a vagina with a depth of 8 inches....."

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