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Geoff Tipps

Name:Geoff Tipps
Age: 44
Ambition: To become a stand-up comedian
Favourite Practical Joke: The old food dye in the toothpaste routine

Reece Shearsmith
Geoff has had real problems coping with his life since his wife left him for another man. To get through he's always relied on his razor sharp sense of humour to keep himself laughing, unfortunately Geoff is utter crap at telling jokes! As a result series 3 see's him loose his job at the plastics factory, fail abismally at his life long dream of becoming a stand-up comedian and become permanently disfigured in the dramatic converging accident which started with a plastic bag.

However, it's only until Geoff has been truly ground through life's mincer and is lying in a hospital bed recovering from it, that people actually begin to find him funny. The world has mysterious ways...

I won the Mums!

Geoff Tipps Quotes
  • "As a woman we could 'ave you under the trades descriptions act!"
  • "I won that. At Least I won the Mums!"

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