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Phill Proctor

Name:Phill Proctor
Occupation: Ac-tor - Legz Akimbo Theatre Company
Productions: White Chocolate - Play about Racism, Everybody Out - Play about sexuality, No Home for Johnny - About the homeless

Mark Gatiss
Phill Proctor is intelligent, dedicated to his acting and good looking. Ollie and Dave are very jealous and because Phill is gay they accuse him of bumming the casting director to gain employment in tv and films (at least he has been offered tv & film roles). They know that Legz Akimbo don't stand a chance without Phill and start talking about calling it a day.

Phill decides to stay for one more production called Vegetable Soup about people with all kinds of disabilities. For this he has to do some method acting where he is given the role of a paraplegic. He wants to meet his friend Tish for lunch but is told that if he really was disabled he wouldn't be able to do things like that. He goes anyway - he needs a break from Ollie but soon regrets meeting Tish when she goes on about how much she loves gay guys and how vunerable they are. However she will not listen to Phills problems about a failed relationship so he leaves her mid sentence. Whilst method acting Phill purposely falls out of his wheelchair. A passer-by is worried but Ollie is furious - there's a confrontation and Ollie is head-butted. Phill and Dave are in stitches.

Profile by 'Saucy Sal'

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Phill Proctor Quotes
  • "When Mum said I was autistic I thought she meant good at drawing."
  • "I'm happy with who I am and what I am and if people don't like that they can go kill themselves like Mum did."

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