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Charlie Hull

Name:Charlie Hull
Purpose in life: To be a good father to Julie and provide his wife Stella with enough money to feed her gambling addiction
Special Skills: Line Dancing & Beauty Massages for male members (of Spit & Polish Beauty Salon)
Hobbies: Eating out - Stella all his food at home, Trivial Pursuits - Stella thinks this sums up their marriage.

Steve Pemberton
You have to feel sorry for Charlie because of all he has to put up with. Yet you also have to admire his strength of character and his ability to turn the other cheek when faced with Stella's cruel insults, spending all his money (including savings) on gambling and her constant infidelity.

He even went to work for Mrs Levinson to help her out in the Spit and Polish beauty salon. His massaging skills were picked up when he was in the Army but I don't know if this included the 'extras'. This meant that he was doing all the work while she reaped all the rewards including taking the credit for it all.

When Tony came into the salon asking for 'extras' Charlie was reluctant to perform (Tony had an affair with Stella) but Mrs L assures him that Tony will think it's her. Charlie then finds out what the 'big' attraction is when he removes the towel - he's smitten. Within a period of about 15 minutes he tells Tony that he loves him which brings out the Mike Tyson in him so Charlie gets flattened, then Mrs L fires him from the salon because she fancies Charlie and realises the feeling is not mutual. Then Stella leaves him to go on holiday with money won at the Greedy Slits. With all this bad luck he may as well put on a wig and marry Papa Lazarou - Oh he did!

Charlie is a wicked dancer on the line dancing circuit. Well, either that or he's a dancer and Stella is wicked. Poor Charlie!!!

Profile by 'Saucy Sal'

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Charlie Hull Quotes
  • "I took her on holiday, 2 star hotel, full board, she spends half her time in the en-suite bathroom, flamin' knickers round her ankles."

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