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Stella Hull

Name:Stella Hull
Favourite Club: Gamblers Anonymous
Pastimes: Making husband Charlie's life hell, Baby sitting, Feeding Charlie's money into slot machines
Special Skills: Talking to Charlie througha third party

Reece Shearsmith
Stella and Charlie stand side by side like Iraq and Iran, united by their ongoing marital war. Stella has to get out of the house, the trouble is she easily gets bored and then does outrageous things to keep herself amused. Charlie suggested a threesome to spice up their marriage so Stella went off and had one - she told him later.

Charlie works 6 days a week so that Stella can spend all his money at 'The Greedy Slits' gambling to escape the boredom of life at home now that her own daughter Julie is grown up and has started dating Tony. Stella fancies her chances with Tony but unfortunately so does Charlie. Charlie got Stella a counsellor to help her with her gambling addiction but he found them both playing the slot machines and the counsellor was enjoying himself more than Stella was.

Well, she can't live with him but she can't live without him so Charlie means the world to Stella but neither of them would ever dare to admit it. Homer & Marge eat your hearts out!

Profile by 'Saucy Sal'

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Stella Hull Quotes
  • "Oh hello Tony, come on, hold my melons while I nudge this bell"
  • "Have I ever fantasised about having a threesome? No not since Milli Vanilli split up Why?"
  • "If you think I'm sticking digestives down my knickers & calling next doors dog in - you can forget it."
  • "Look at him thinks he's John friggin' Travolta, more like John Presscot!"

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