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Tish Guppy

Name:Tish Guppy
Favourite Tune: The Crazy Frog Ringtone
Caught saying....: Whatevaaa!
Dislikes: Heteros! "They're soo boring!"

Steve Pemberton
Tish Guppy is a "Fag-Hag!" A woman who just loves gay guys! She`ll always be there to bum a ciggy off you and is constantly playing text tennis and talking to her gay friends on her moby!
Tish is played by Steve Pemberton and appears in series 3-episode 3 and live at drury lane.

Profile by 'Hello-Daves/Libby'

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Tish Guppy Quotes
  • "I just love gay guys!"
  • "Im so jell of you gay guys you sleep with eachother and there's no consequences."
  • "Is that my Moby?"

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