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Favourite Film: Last Tango in Paris
Favourite texture: The flexible yet smooth surface of PVC rubber

Steve Pemberton
Daddy's stilted background traces all the way back to his childhood, being the youngest sibling of a large hippie community that hid itself away around the forests of northern Britian. The 'free' love' attitude of the community ultimately brought confusion to poor Butterfly (as he was known then) when he was often asked the question "Who's your Daddy?"

Daddy's free spirit has led him around the World to places such as Bangkok, Amsterdam and most recently London, Soho and along the way he has developed an intricate, hybrid knowledge of the dark arts of pleasure seeking. He has since devoted much of his time at conferences and small parties to pass on his teachings and give 'live' demonstrations.

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Daddy Quotes
  • "Twust your Daddy"

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