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Professor Erno Breast-Pinch'd

Name:Professor Erno Breast-Pinch'd
Likes: Breasts
Favourite hobby: Pinching Breasts
Common Responses: *slap*

Mark Gatiss
MSc of BS with honours, Prof. Erno leaves a heaving trail of accolades and offended people behind him in his own particular field of sociological studies. And the key to his success?... field research, "sure you could just sit it a lab and make up the results like any other statistician, but in order to really understand the people you need to get out there and meet them". The Prof's ongoing research project is to pose the meaningful question, 'Personal space, does it exist or is it a myth? and would people mind terribly if you invaded it?'

"Phase 1 is simple enough, ask the public 'Would you like to have breasts pinch'd?', and if they agree then you have to back up the hypothesis with evidence."

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Professor Erno Breast-Pinch'd Quotes
  • "Would you like to have yar breasts pinch'd?"

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