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Post by Voodoo Lady » Tue Feb 20, 2007 1:45 am

Cheeky Chezzy Woo:

Edgar Fish
Noel Fielding
Robert Webb (shared with Tender Lumpling)
Quatermass Tennant
The Spirit of Jazz
Shane Filan
Patrick Spiller (Ian from Casualty)
Chris Corner from Sneaker Pimps
Bruno Jenkins off Casualty
The Hitcher from Boosh
Old Gregg from Boosh
Ross Noble
Dougal from Father Ted
Alex Adams
Sam off Holby City
Vince the Mod
Richard Hammond (shared with girlies)
Jeremy off of Peep Show (loaned to sugar nips on Mondays)
Robin from Smoking Room
Michael Barrymoore
George Galloway
David, bassist for The Boyfriends
Kevin Eldon (shared with Bex and Beast)
Ronan from Boyzone
Abs from 5ive
Neil Grainger from Crossroads
Noel as Richmond (shared with SparkleMonkey and I am his wife now)
Roy (broken image)
The Demon Headmaster
Fred Dineage
Alastair Stewart
Jeffery Fairbrother
Andrew Marr
Mark Austin
Micheal Howard:
Minty from Crossroads
Rocky from Crossroads
Leonard Hatred from Look Around You
Synthersiser Patel from Look Around You
Prince Charles
Tony Rudd from Look Around You
Pat Taylor from Look Around You
Chris O’Dowd
Vyvyan from Young Ones
Derek Riddell
Terry Nutkins
Paul Merton
Lisa Scott-Lee
Max Gallagher from Casualty
Dylan from Casualty
Owen from Holby City
Michael French
Christine Stephen Daly
Sue Denim (shared with Laura Folds Five)
Dee Plume (shared with Laura Folds Five)
Rachel Stirling
Sarah Smart
Katherine Parker (shared with Laura Folds Five)
Nurse 1 from No Angels
Nurse 2 from No Angels
Nurse 3 from No Angels
Nurse 4 from No Angels

McManus from No Angels
Dara O'Briain
Michaal Kitchen
Anton Meyer from Holby City
James from Nemo
Action Figure Tennant
Coco Electrik
Cassandra from Dr. Who
Gary Numan
Ralfe Band
Kit, the camper van
TEH KING; The Booshy Man (shared with sugar nips and Laura Folds Five)
White Lab Coat
Jason Done from Waterloo Road
Jason Merrals from Waterloo Road
Chris Tate from Trash Money
PASTA Spaghetti man from Green Wing
Michael from Confetti
Josef from Confetti
Colobos the Crab
Alexander Armstrong (shared with Papa’s New Wife)
Griff Rhys Jones
Tom Fun from Reeves and Mortimer
Derk from Reeves and Mortimer
David Stott from Reeves and Mortimer
Harry Hill (shared with Papa’s New Wife)
Norris from Coronation Street
Toby from Doctor Who
Husband Corner??
Hannibal from A-Team
Murdoch from A-Team (shared with Papa’s New Wife and Viper)
Richard O'Brian
Gordan Burns
Nathan from Sugar Rush
Jon from Plastic Toys
Elton Pope in Dr. Who (shared with Tender Lumpling)
Tim Henman
Lleyton Hewitt
Cary Creed from Trash Money
Robert Smith of the Cure (shared with mama lazarou)
Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
The BMX Bandit
Green Clarinet Robert Webb
Tooth brush Robert Webb
Jesus Robert Webb
Wacky Historian Robert Webb
German Robert Webb
SS caps Robert Webb
Mime Robert Webb from Situation dvd
Hammers Robert Webb
Corner shop Robert Webb
Numberwang Robert Webb
“live show person who i can't mention but if you run to the two face of mitchell and webb spoiler post i shall say there in a moment”
2 crisp refreshing lager beers old man Robert Webb from Situation dvd
Anarchist organiser Robert Webb from Situation
Evil Vicar Mitchell
"there's always that rum" Robert Webb
The Eye Wheel
Oliver Chris in The IT Crowd
Reece in The Abbey
“Common People” by Pulp
Jarvis Cocker
(camera) That Glossy Bitch
Nicholas Angel (shared with sugar nips)
Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide
Spanish Inquisition/Devil Dog (shared with Papa’s New Wife and ratgirl)
Martin White
Viper (shared with Astrid)
Irn Bru Snowman (shared with Papa’s New Wife)
Action Figure Captain Jack Harkness
Christmas Oly
Inspector Gadget
Ralfe Band tour bus
David Mitchell saying “freaks”
Paul Whitehouse “suits you” from Fast Show
Mark Watson
Policeman Robert Webb
White Coated crap scientist??
A Level learning zone Robert Webb
French Man with onions and Beret Robert Webb
French man in leather jacket and Beret Robert Webb
Greek philospher Robert Webb
Russell Howard
Danny Wallace (shared with Tubby Little Titwitch)
“Crow” by Ralfe Band
Roland Rivron
Big Train Kevin Eldon
World of Pub Kevin Eldon
Pie and Mash
Andrew Maxwell
Pat Kerrigan
Shell Dockley
Karen Betts
Colin Hedges
Karl Allen from Magicians
Pete Firman from Monkey Magic/Dirty Tricks
Bradley from Eastenders (shared with Papa’s New Wife)
Rik Dagless
Garth Merenghi
Damon Hill
Nigel Mansell
Juan Pablo Montoya
Graham Hill
Alan Sugar
Bryan Ferry
Pinapple Husband
Adam and Joe theme tune
The Violets
Neil’s Children
The Mighty Boosh live show Bollo
Spaced Simm
John Smith the Bitter
Mr. Ball
Grace the Fox from TMAWS
James Nesbitt (shared with Tender Lumpling)
Doctor Jakeman (shared with Tender Lumpling)
Mr. Hyde (shared with Tender Lumpling)
Ed Byrne dressed as The Doctor
Smithers from Simpsons
Hamlet Tennant
Mark Evans in Victorian dress
“radar” as said by David Mitchell
Scarecrow Robert Webb
“Untangle me not” Robert Webb
Sir Timothey Fitzhigh
Marc Norris
Flat Cap Ross Noble wore after his show
Victorian Vince Noir
BooshHetHaven on LJ
Umpire of Folk
Moon Music Orchestra
The Victorian Gentlemen's Club
The Victorian Gentlemen's Club’s single "Ban the Gin"
James Nesbitt as Pontius Pilate
Baker Street Tube station
Rachel Callaghan
Garth JenningsAlex Turner ( Last Shadow Puppets version)
Irish accent (shared with Beast)
Alan Davies (shared with Voodoo Lady)
Marcus Bridgestocke
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