Forum Guidelines: All Please read :D *UPDATED MAR 16, 2012*

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Forum Guidelines: All Please read :D *UPDATED MAR 16, 2012*

Post by Papa's new wife » Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:00 am

Ok, the Forum Guidelines thread was bit big, so we've condensed it down into a single post.

It's crappy having to have 'rules' but to try to make everything run smoothly, we do have to ask that you read and follow them.
Any probs with anything then do please ask and we'll help you out if we can.

1. Please try to keep double posting to a minimum, if possible. We know that editing posts isn't always possible on this newer system, so some double posting will naturally occur, and that's fine. Just try to refrain from posting excessively. For example: Four single-sentence posts in a five minute period is definitely excessive. Two posts in a row over a 12-hour period, not even remotely excessive. Everything in between we'll leave to user's discretion. If we need to revisit and refine this guideline at a later date, we will.

2. No text speak. There are people from other countries who use this website and it's really hard to understand if you post in almost gibberish. LOL, OMG or !11111!22 at the end of a word is fine and silly.
"U no wut i sayin pple" is not. Also spelling and punctuation needs to be checked. Yes everyone makes spelling mistakes but please read over your post before posting. Firefox actually has a downloadable spell check which is FAB! Please use capitals and correct punctuation. We don't expect Shakespeare but we do need to be able to understand what you're saying.

3. Please search for an appropriate thread before starting a new one. There are threads on individual Gents, a questions thread about them and Gents stuff in general, a newbie Hello thread, Film, Music, Doctor Who etc., so there's a good chance there is already an established thread regarding any topic you should want to broach.

At the top of the page is a toolbar with SEARCH. Click on that and type in your word.
Again if unsure ask a mod or post in Chit Chat for help.

4. No illegal stuff like underage boozing, drugs, downloading without paying etc...
The Forum could get closed down and that's not fun, so think before posting stuff like that.

5. No discussion of The Gents' families or any celebrity's families,for that matter. They aren't famous and shouldn't have to worry that their private lives are under scrutiny. The same with our partners and friends. Please don't post any pics or things about them that they may not like. We don't want to get sued. Also no pics of *anybody's* children without their parent's approval.

6. Keep stuff relatively clean. Yes we all get rather dirty sometimes, take The Winterbournes for example or new Tenninch stuff, but there are younger members here. Just nothing too graphic please.

7. No spoilers please. Use the FONT SIZE button and make it size tiny or smaller so it can't be read. If the topic has SPOILERS in the title then it's safe to post away, just remember there are people who do NOT want to know new storylines or upcoming guest stars.

8. Please stay on topic. Yes threads may take on a new direction, and we understand, we do it ourselves, just please don't post completely random posts.

9. Don't click on newbies links in their profiles. It has happened that they are links to viruses which will eat your computer (Tracy here - YES it happened to me - don't do it!!!!). It's not fun when that happens. Same with links they may post. If you are posting a link to something then please add an Over 18s! warning if it is required.

10. Play nice. If a mod asks you to read these guidelines (even if you already have) then please do. Rules are boring, but we have them so we can all enjoy this website. Personal attacks are not allowed. At all.
Don't try to drag someone into a fight. We all have different opinions on here and that's GOOD, it makes it more interesting, so don't bash someone for thinking differently.

12. If posting a picture please don't have it enormous so it stretches the page. If it is huge and you like it that way, post a thumbnail of it so when clicked you can see it full size. If you need help making it smaller just ask for help. Most image programs have resizing options.

13. If you are quoting someone then cut out anything you don't need. Please don't quote a whole bunch of pictures if you just want to comment on one of them.

14. Replies should be more than one word, or summat like "lol yeah me too". Posting why you think something or why you agree is SO much more interesting than just adding your vote.

15. Only 2 animated avatars in your profile. Everyone has different internet speeds and the forum can go sooo slow if the screen is filled with dancing Papas and Tennants.

16. Please remember that this is a *public* forum and anyone who wants to can read it. We can all get pretty silly here, and it's easy to forget that sometimes. If you are going to post something about anyone, famous or not, and you would be mortified if they saw it, maybe it's best you rethink your post.

Now for the horrid bit.
If the mods ask you to do something, then please do. Please read these guidelines and try to abide by them.
If these guidelines are ignored then we'll politely tell you to post in an appropriate thread (and often give you a link to it). If we are ignored we'll ask again (in a more grumpy tone). If this is again ignored we'll delete anything that violates these guidelines. If we are continually ignored then we'll issue a final warning, and if this is ignored then I'm afraid we'll have to ban you.

We don't want to have to do this, but we won't let one person spoil it for the rest of us.

The mods do also have lives, and want to post on here without having to check every single entry/post and spend time cracking the whip.

Oh, and we work as a team, everything is checked over and agreed on before we make further decisions. Any of us are contactable about anything, anytime; it may take a few hours for a reply, but you'll never be ignored.

Play nice, peeps!
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Re: Forum Guidelines: All Please read :D *UPDATED JUL 28, 2008*

Post by Voodoo Lady » Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:58 pm

This will be merged into the above guidelines page, but for now, here's the moderators' thinking on the double posting sitch. :D

Temporary exception to the double posting guideline. Since moving to the new format, members are unable to edit messages after a certain amount of time has passed. We are looking into ways to fix that, but until we do, double posting will be cautiously allowed. Please use your best judgement and don't go nuts, as tons of posts by the same person really does make things confusing. Always make sure you are truly unable to edit your last post before posting a new one, and if you reeeeeaaaallly need to post more than twice in a row, get in touch with a mod first so one of us can help you edit your earlier posts. Again, using good judgement. We all have jobs and lives and don't always have the time to edit a bunch of posts. into one. Thanks! :D