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Re: Forum Guidelines: All Please read :D *UPDATED JUL 28, 2008*

Post by Voodoo Lady » Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:58 pm

This will be merged into the above guidelines page, but for now, here's the moderators' thinking on the double posting sitch. :D

Temporary exception to the double posting guideline. Since moving to the new format, members are unable to edit messages after a certain amount of time has passed. We are looking into ways to fix that, but until we do, double posting will be cautiously allowed. Please use your best judgement and don't go nuts, as tons of posts by the same person really does make things confusing. Always make sure you are truly unable to edit your last post before posting a new one, and if you reeeeeaaaallly need to post more than twice in a row, get in touch with a mod first so one of us can help you edit your earlier posts. Again, using good judgement. We all have jobs and lives and don't always have the time to edit a bunch of posts. into one. Thanks! :D