The Devil of Hell's KItchen

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The Devil of Hell's KItchen

Post by Voodoo Lady » Sun May 10, 2015 1:11 am


HOMG, how great is this show?

First, some non-spoilery thoughts:

- How beautiful is that opening? The blood red running down, not just bathing images, but creating them. They are born of blood and pain. The music is hauntingly simple, and supports the imagery without overshadowing it. Lovely.

- Holy hell, the fights are incredible! If the show doesn't win an Emmy for stunt coordination, then the Academy is more blind than Matt Murdock!

- How many canes does he get through, and is the medical supply company that sells them to him at all suspicious?

- As I've said a few times, you know the writing and characters are incredible when you're even sad when the bad guys bite it. I'm particularly sad that Wesley died.

Some spoilery thoughts:

- I may be biased, but I don't believe Nobu is actually dead. I didn't believe he was the first time I watched, but the second time through convinced me. First of all, no one says that he's dead, not once. There are comments about him being "taken care of", or a problem having been "solved". Owlsley says something like, "The Japanese won't be happy about what you did to Nobu". Fisk, at one point, says, "his people have the body." All of that makes it sound like he's dead without actually committing to it. Add to that all of the mystery surrounding Nobu's interest in Black Sky, and Stick telling Matt that the Yakuza leader has gone by many names," and that "[Nobu is]the one he's using this time around." Finally, I haven't delved much into it due to spoilers, but I've seen references online to a mystical ninja organization called"The Hand", and speculation that Nobu is their leader. I fully expect some Eastern voodoo to happen in season 2 that brings him back.

- Does it bug anyone else that Wesley speaks English, but Gao and Nobu respond in their native language? Clearly they understand it. I tried to brush it off by thinking perhaps they simply didn't want to taint themselves by "using Fisk's tongue". Except that later, Fisk and Wesley were surprised to find that Gao spoke English. Whaaaaaat? Not a huge problem, but it kind of annoyed me, considering how impeccable most of the rest of the series was.

- I love pretty much all the characters, but there's a special d'aaaaw place in my heart for Foggy. His golly gosh enthusiasm annoyed me at first, but then I realized that we needed that. We have Matt, who's super dark. We have Karen, who is in flux between light and dark right now, and then you have super bright Foggy. We needed that variety, all those different layers. And we needed characters to transition from light to dark or vice versa, or to at least flirt with transitioning. And poor Foggy, he's been jerked around SO much, but what seemed like a weakness, his chirpiness, has proved itself to be a strength. I think without it, everyone would have been plunged into darkness and get stuck there, which sounds fun, but is actually really, really boring.



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