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The History

The start of the League of gentlemen can be traced back to when Reece, Steve, Mark and Jeremy first met at college. They hit it off straight away and have been writing and performing their hugely successful black comedies ever since.

The first chance they had to display their unique style of humour came in 1996 where they performed in a number of shows at the Canal Cafe Theatre. This led them to the Edinburgh Festival where they won a Perrier award for their troubles.

In 1998 they poured their talents into radio and subsequently picked up a Sony Silver award for their show on Radio 4 called 'On the Town with the League of Gentlemen'. Finally, a year later, their break onto TV and the League of Gentlemen we all know and... well know, was so successful it brought them the Golden Rose of Montreaux.

Series 2 and now 3 have since followed and there will surely be many, many more...

Royston Vasey has been populated with 60 of the oddest most derranged characters from the minds of their creators. But perhaps more worrying is the fact that most of these characters came from 'real' people. And more worrying still, the LoG characters remind me of people I know, which is probably why I find it so damn funny.

If you want to find out more about the gents and their achievements then roll on to the gents page

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