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The League of Gentlemen Website! - The League of Gentlemen - Series 2

The League of Gentlemen - Series 2

Released: 15/10/01

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  • DVD 15.99
  • Synopsis:
    "Go and put a poster up in that shop, tell them the circus is coming to town." Enter Papa Lazarou, one of the most infamous characters from the LoG portfolio. All the favourites from series 1 are here as well and a sinister epdidemic of nosebleeds threatens the populace of Royston Vasey.
    The second DVD also contains a documentery on the making of the League of Gentlemen along with in depth interviews with the gents themselves.

    The DVD contains the following extras:
    • Cast Commentary

    • Deleted Scenes

    • 'Behind-the-Scenes' Documentary

    • (30 Minutes)
    • Interactive Menu

    • Scene Access

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